How avant garde!

Hello February, now where did you come from?! Or, perhaps a better question is where have I been? …that’d be telling. Uhm! This year is flying by already…

The past few weeks have made me re-evaluate, and consider quite a few things in my life. I have learnt a few things; some quite insignificant, and others possibly food for thought so to speak.

  • Never underestimate the power of silence. Silence can be quite remarkable. As you probably would know, I am generally one for speaking my mind, however not saying a thing sometimes has just about as much power, and effect as speaking up. Silence really is golden, and I see it as a “weapon” which should be used sparingly for maximum effect.
  • The past always has a funny way of coming back to haunt you. Nothing lasts forever, but you will be surprised what lingers about waiting to bite you in the arse when you least expect it. You cannot change the past, what’s done is done – but perhaps build upon your mistakes, and create a positive future. Oh, and never underestimate the power of damage control.
  • Living “de rigueur” is over rated. Unconventionality is something to be prized. Sometimes something can be so crazy it works, and the same goes for people – live the life you wish to lead. Don’t ever forget that ‘normality’ is a human social construct, don’t let others define who you are. People will value you more for who you are, than who you try, and be – so be yourself.
  • Apparently there is more to life than sex, not that I ever thought that sex was the only thing in life. I read an article in a magazine proclaiming this so I thought I’d throw it in, however I would take it with a pinch of salt as the same article also stated no one likes one night stands (well even I know that’s a massive lie). Perhaps the article writer is the same woman who started the myth that females don’t masturbate (pardon my crude ness!)?
  • Everything in life has a price tag. Money certainly doesn’t make you happy, but it sure as hell motivates you. It is money that makes the world go around sadly, not compassion. If you ever sell out, I just hope to god you get a decent price, and make it worth your while. Money makes people act crazy.
  • People will continually astound you, and not in a good way. This is a part of life that will never change, well the people may change, but there will always be someone else to astound, or disgust you. Accept it, and move on – there is nothing else you can do, don’t dwell on it.
  • Hold on to your dreams. Never let go of them, they are one thing no one else can take away from you. If you don’t dream, you may as well cease to exist. To dream is to live, to live is to dream; live the dream.
  • Cocktails are much more fun than lunch, and often more economically viable. Lunch equates to cocktails, coffee equates to champagne – it’s quite simple really. I like my cocktails very much so… a dry martini please if you would!

So today is Valentines day, naturally I treated (it’s becoming my favourite word) myself to bubbles, fine confectionary, and all manners of truffles, and chocolates (hello Hotel Chocolat, Charbonnel et Walker, and Artisan du Chocolat!):

Hotel Chocolat, Charbonnel et Walker treats for Lorien

Hotel Chocolat, Charbonnel et Walker treats for Lorien

Presented so lovely, because clearly I have too much time on my hands. No-one else is going to treat me (forever alone), so I figure I may as well treat myself right? However if any one wants to send me a sign of affection, feel free ;). In lieu of a Valentine’s Day card (I highly doubt I’ll be getting any this year), I also accept affection in the form of a Mulberry Piccadilly – just thought I’d throw that one out there.

I hope every one of you has a fabulous Valentine’s Day, I shall be working hard keeping myself busy (last Valentine’s was a mistake…) so that I may momentarily forget my male Bridget Jones esque existence (however I must add that I think it is well known my pants are far from huge).

The avant-garde makes more sense to me.

– John Cale

p.s. I ventured into the world of lomography the other week (love my Diana Mini film lomography camera!). Who knew film would become so post modern, and avant garde (this blog title is more ironic than anything) ha – must be the “hipster” inside me. So I leave you with a photograph I took in my garden:

A picture I took on my Diana Mini film lomography camera

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