Mulberry Mania

My Mulberry addiction is not dying down at all, no, in fact, quite the opposite. I really do not know how Mulberry manages to captivate me so – I never seem to tire of Mulberry at all. To me Mulberry is timeless, and fresh in a classic manner. There is something about Mulberry that gets me in a complete frenzy. When I see a Mulberry bag I smile, in fact I think Mulberry spotting is my favourite sport – much to the irritation of my friends (it’s easy in London, not so much here!).

My first Mulberry purchase was my iPad case, now I have three Mulberry bags; a scotch grain large clipper, an Elkington brief case, and a Seth messenger, as well as a Mulberry wallet, a Mulberry iPhone case, the Mulberry book, and now my collection is expanding even more…

The Mulberry concession in Harvey Nichols Birmingham were celebrating Harvey Nichols Birmingham’s 10th Birthday (I will cover the store’s birthday in a different post – but one word: incredible) Saturday. Naturally I ended up buying something (I’ll come to that in a moment)…

Mulberry photobooth at Mulberry Harvey Nichols Birmingham

They even had a Mulberry photobooth. I did not have a go though as I was not feeling very attractive – I need to catch up on some beauty sleep (he says typing away at ridiculous A.M.)!! However as you can see I snapped a photograph of the booth itself for you on my iPhone.

Mulberry Autumn Winter 2011 canvas tote bag
Back of Mulberry Autumn Winter 2011 canvas tote bag

I was given a Mulberry Autumn Winter 2011 promotional canvas totebag, it reminds me of the one I received at London Fashion Week:

Mulberry canvas tote bag from London Fashion Week
London Fashion Week 2011 Mulberry totebag

Mulberry fox mask
Me wearing Mulberry fox mask

Mulberry are known for being a playful brand, and they often provide masks, and such featuring their current season’s themes/motifs. In the Autumn Winter 2011 tote bag was a fox mask. Sadly I do not make for a ‘cute’ fox, no I look rather evil, and scary ha! Ah well. I also have some Elemis spa@home samples to try which were in the bag:

Elemis spa@home

Mulberry Autumn Winter 2011 stickers
Moleskine covered in Mulberry stickers

There were also Mulberry stickers in the bag – which are ridiculously loveable. Last time I had some Mulberry stickers I found them to be quite amusing (a Mulberry sheep?!), I put some of them on the cover of one of my Moleskines as you can see.

Now on to my recent, and not so recent Mulberry purchases I haven’t shared with you yet…

Mulberry gold frog pin
Mulberry frog pin

So I finally got the frog pin I wanted, it is only even more adorable in person. I absolutely love it, and it looks perfect pinned on the lapel of my blazer. It is playful looking, and just adds a quirky finishing touch to an outfit. It is smaller than I initially thought it would be, but I have come to the realisation I would not really want it any bigger.

Mulberry keyring

Despite already having a Paul Smith keyring my keys felt incomplete without a touch of Mulberry; so now I have a Mulberry keyring too (greedy I know). It is in the natural oak so that it matches my bags, and other leather Mulberry accessories. I enjoy little inexpensive trinkets like this; they make designer brands accessible – anyone could have a little bit of Mulberry in their life if they wanted.

Mulberry cufflinks
Mulberry oval cufflinks

I think I have said before that a man can never have too many shirts; well naturally the same goes for cufflinks. I found myself drawn to this oval pair for their sheer simplicity – they are plain, but pleasant. They look good on a cuff without drawing too much attention, or being too much (although they are a nightmare to photograph ha!).

Mulberry black leather belt

My faithful Marks & Spencers belt that I have used for years fell apart so I was in the market for a new black belt – fortunately I found this great black leather Mulberry one to replace it with. I like how it is a lot subtler than a lot of designer belts on the market right now.

Mulberry Jacquard logo scarf

When I saw this merino cashmere scarf in Harvey Nichols Birmingham I had to have it. It is so so soft, and great to wrap myself in when it gets chilly. I like the colouring, and the check pattern on the other side. It was made in Scotland, and is 10% cashmere. I wore this to the Harvey Nichols 10th party, so you will probably see A LOT of photographs of this scarf.

So what do you think? Is there a brand you follow that you cannot get enough of? Let me know.

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  1. Duh, I’m the queen of Mulberry (in fact I just ordered a fox necklace and pair of bow heels from S/S ’12). But also pretty powerless against Chanel. *sigh* what it must be like to have inexpensive taste.

    And LOVE the scarf (I want to steal) and froggie!

    Briony xx

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