Christian Louboutin Mens Papi Hugo Espadrilles

I did say when I bought my first Christian Louboutins (the Harvanana spiked velvet loafers) that it was hopefully not my last pair, well it certainly was not! I had not intended to buy another pair so soon but when I saw a pair ‘smiling’ at me in Harvey Nichols Birmingham I had to try them on, and after trying them on I had to take them home with me. It was as simple as that!

Christian Louboutin shoe box

I opted for the striped Papi Hugo espadrilles (the ones I mentioned in my last blog post Wet Weather). They also come in solid colours, but I chose the striped over the solid colour Christian Louboutins as I like the nautical vibe the stripes bring to the espadrilles. I am looking forward to some pleasant weather so that I may wear them – else I will have to escape England for some sunshine.

Christian Louboutin dust bag

Christian Louboutin Men's Papi Hugo espadrilles

Inside Christian Louboutin Papi Hugo espadrille

Christian Louboutin Papi Hugo espadrille red sole

Christian Louboutin crest up close

I will be the first to admit I am not the biggest fan of espadrilles, however I really find myself quite taken with Christian Louboutin’s modern sophisticated take on the espadrille. They have a lot more structure, and form than your typical espadrille, whilst retaining classical features such as the woven jute soles (of course with a spot of Christian Louboutin red sole!).

As you can see from my photographs they have a crest detailing on them, the same as on my Harvanana loafers. The beading is done by hand, and the shoes are hand made in Spain. What you cannot see if they have strips of lambskin lining on the inside which adds structure, and makes them comfortable against the skin. I did have to go a size down as the 43 was too loose on my feet.

My Christian Louboutin Papi Hugo espadrilles on

I am rather looking forward to the chance of wearing them. I am going to team them with my Burberry Brit chinos, and shorts!

7 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin Mens Papi Hugo Espadrilles”

  1. These are amazing! After weeks of waiting I’ve finally got my hands on a pair! How are the red soles baring up, there’s a part of me which doesn’t want to take my feet outside with them on, so I don’t damage them. Hah I feel they belong in a glass case on my desk. Awesome blog by the way

    1. The espadrilles is so flat that they will not fare that well I fear! After one wear they are quite scratched, however if you check out my latest blog post I mention Save Your Sole – I will buy some of their paint for my espadrilles as I think the shoe is too thin to get a sole attached! :)

      1. Thanks for mentioning this stuff, I think I will defiantly invest in some. All this warm weather, I have not be able to part my self for mine so they’ve had some wear over the past few days. How have you found the sole staying attached to the shoe? I’ve noticed on one of mine it is starting to come off, I don’t know if it’s the way I walk or something. I’d hate to lose my soul – sorry sole. :)

  2. I am thinking about asking for a pair of these for my 16th and want to know if the red soles go quickly after a single use or how I could protect the soles . Many thanks :)

    1. Hi there Ben! Thank you for my comment. The soles do wear after a single use, but not completely they just look scratched, and messy. If you check my latest blog post out it tells you how you can protect your Louboutins! Hope that helps. :)

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