Harvey Nichols Advert Outrage?

Maybe I just have a generally permissive nature, but when I read about the latest Harvey Nichols mail shot causing outrage I was rather surprised. For those of you who have not seen it there are a few different versions showing models wearing designer clothes with wet patches as if they have had an ‘accident’, and the text, ‘Try to contain your excitement’ advertising the Harvey Nichols sale.

When I received one in the post I did not even really look at it properly (the words sale are enough no?), I just cast it aside with all the other such literature I receive in the post. It was only when I was reading about it that I dug it out, and had a closer look.

Harvey Nichols Try to contain your excitement advert

So yes it is a little ‘controversial’, but I still cannot see how so many people are outraged, and offended by it. It is a light hearted touch of humour. It is a little bad taste, but I do not think it goes too far, and I see a lot worse adverts that receive less criticism. If it offended you then I think you are far too easily offended. In the words of Mae West, ‘Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often‘.

At the end of the day whether you love it, or hate it Harvey Nichols are laughing. I do not think they could have imagined how viral their campaign would go – they are certainly going to have a good sale. No publicity is bad publicity, and all that. It is not often a sale gets such national newspaper coverage!

What did you think about Harvey Nichols advert campaign? Were you actually genuinely offended?

3 thoughts on “Harvey Nichols Advert Outrage?”

  1. Hilarious. Harvey Nichols are renowned for their cheeky advertising and while I think this goes a bit too far in terms of taste, it’s a clever, funny campaign. The bigger issue for me is how easily people are ‘outraged’ these days – by advertising, TV programmes or music videos say – and seek out the ‘offending’ item even though they wouldn’t normally have seen it anyway. I’ll bet a lot of the people complaining about this ad didn’t actually receive the mailshot, but heard about it and sought it out!

    Clever Harvey Nichols I say…bet they’re wetting themselves over this!


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