Lorien Loves Cartier’s Love Ring

I was in London Saturday to go to the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery (do go before it is over!), to see a few friends and to buy my birthday present from my Mother (love you). You may remember from my ‘unobtainable wishlist‘ blog entry that I have a little bit of a thing (understatement) for Cartier’s Love collection, well I am a very lucky boy and for my birthday this year I got to get my own piece of the Cartier Love collection (not a bracelet – but one day, one day…). You can buy Cartier jewellery from Harrods, Selfridges and various different authorised dealers/concessions in London but to me a Cartier experience needs a Cartier boutique so I hopped off to Bond Street and what an experience it was – every store should ply you with complimentary champagne and chocolates.

Cartier was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris and has since become one of the most famed jewellers of all time with warrants from Royal courts all across the world and a following quite like no other. Cartier is known for producing some of the most famous pieces of jewellery in history and creating the first practical wristwatch. The iconic Cartier Love bracelet was designed in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo and included the ‘o’ with a line through it motif – alluding to how the bracelet is locked closed (locking in the love) and reflecting the brand’s history with screw designs starting with the Santos watch. This bracelet sparked an entire collection and consequently the Cartier Love ring.

Allow me to introduce you to my Cartier Love ring in 18K yellow gold:

Cartier red shopping bag

Cartier box

Cartier ring box

Cartier Love ring in Cartier ring box

Cartier 18K yellow gold Love ring

Cartier 18K gold Love rings hallmarks

Cartier certificate of authenticity

Cartier cleaning kit

My Cartier 18K yellow gold Love ring

…and what a ring at that! I am very much in love with it and when I wear it I feel like a million pounds even though I am sat here writing this in my lounge pants (granted they are Calvin Klein). The ring itself is mesmerising and as far as I am concerned is the epitome of simplistic perfection. It is an icon of Cartier, an icon of love, a piece of art and a keepsake which I will always treasure.

6 thoughts on “Lorien Loves Cartier’s Love Ring”

  1. It’s an absolutely beautiful ring. Just seeing it makes me want to buy one for myself, though it’d be nice if someone bought one for me ;)

    I love the classic elegance and understated design. I’d take this over a million pounds of ‘bling’ any day!


  2. What a gorgoeus ring! This really is as classic and timeless as it gets! I´m curious did the purchase include the cloth, brush and fluid to clean the ring with or did you buy that separately?

    1. Thank you for the comment Sarah. I am glad you feel the same – I am a little in love with it! …and Cartier gave me the cleaning kit for free when I bought the ring :)

  3. Fab! I want, no NEED, this in my life. I am more of a white gold or platinum guy myself so will opt for the white gold version instead. With my bday coming up I will be sure to drop the hint to my bf. then I can get,him the matching one for his bday! Thanks for the idea!

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