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I had a phone call from my brother earlier today telling me about some Versace trousers in clearance at TK Maxx, at first I was a little apprehensive – I have not had the best experiences at TK Maxx. I am not sure if it is just specific to my local store, but it just seems like an illogical jumble sale. The staff seem to stand grouped at the till chatting nonchalantly, moving at a particularly glacial pace, and seeming displeased if you need any form of assistance whatsoever. They do not seem capable of attaching the right size labels to clothes in my local store either; in a hurry a few weeks ago I grabbed a pair of Calvin Klein bed shorts marked a ‘S’. I got back to work to discover not only were they a ‘L’, or something they had a massive slash on them (go figure). Due to being generally busy, and not desiring another trip back to TK Maxx they are still sat in the carrier bag with the receipt at my desk at work, too late to return them, remaining completely useless to me, a total waste of my money, and more importantly my time.

Once in a while it is worth a venture to a store you do get some good finds. I did once buy a divine pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses for £25 – the exact same pair were £125 at The Sunglass Hut at the time. The past few years I tend to avoid the store really seeing as I do not have the time to dig around the mess, and patience for crap customer service. Out of curiosity I went in to see the trousers my brother was on about. I left with them, and a pair of Allsaints trousers – both good purchases, but quelle surprise I spent more time in the queue than in the store itself. Despite a floor full of staff all talking to each other only one person was on the till, a particularly slow uncharismatic member of staff (tip: a little bit of quality customer service goes a long way), and of course the card machine was not working properly. I eventually left the store with my new purchases.

I need to take the Versace trousers to get pinned, and finished at a tailors when I get chance. They were originally £280, TK Maxx priced them at £99, and I got them for £33 in the TK Maxx Clearance – what a complete bargain! They are a really good weight, and quality cotton, and feel really soft to the touch. I am looking forward to wearing them once I get them finished. My hurried photographs do not show this pair, or the Allsaints pair in their best light – both pairs look much better on.

Versace trousers

Versace trousers back

Versace trousers inside

Whilst looking at the other 30 inch waist trousers in the clearance aisle I came across the Allsaints wool trousers I mentioned (they are called Nitrate if it’s of interest to anyone) reduced from £95 to £12 – at that price it is really rude not to get them (at least that’s what I tell myself)! They are rather different to any other trousers I have – they are drop crotched, tapered, and have a ribbed insert at the bottom of the inside trouser leg on each side. You can never have TOO many pairs of black trousers.

Allsaints Nitrate trousers

Allsaints trousers ribbed detailing

Maybe rubbish customer service is something isolated to my local TK Maxx alone? Who knows! Despite a few good purchases once in a while I will not be hurrying back (my brother can remain my informant ha). Do you shop at TK Maxx? What is the customer service like at your local store?

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  1. I have an ongoing love-hate (mostly the latter) relationship with TK Maxx, your description of it as an ‘illogical jumble sale’ is absolutely spot on! I’ve tried to like them as friends who know and care about fashion get very enthused about it and the bargains to be had, but for me shopping is about so much more than just price – I want good service, and a relaxed experience, and some tissue paper…the pleasure I derive from something is as much about how it felt buying it as what it cost or even what it is!

    So, am still not a convert, but I can see that a £300 pair of designer trousers for £33 is not to be sniffed at!


    1. Ha glad I am not absolutely indifferent in the way I feel about it! You’re right though, there is so much more about shopping than the price. It really doesn’t have the right atmosphere either – all things which are conducive to a decent store! x

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