Shopping: Alexander McQueen needlepoint slippers

This January I am taking the mantra ‘New Year, New Shoes‘ (any excuse really right?) very seriously and I find nothing puts a spring in my step quite like a new addition to my shoe family (collection just seems so impersonal). When it comes to shoes I find myself drawn more towards statement pieces – I like my shoes to be works of art in their own right and this pair from Alexander McQueen really does not let me down in that respect.

My Alexander McQueen needlepoint slippers in their box

Is there really anything more decadently delightful than a pair of needlepoint/tapestry slippers? These leather lined slippers (made in Italy) have an elegant touch to them with the grand needlepoint flower pattern which is apt both casually and formally making them a very versatile pair of shoes which would look just at home with turned up denim as with a dinner suit. These shoes speak for themselves, they can dress up any ensemble and give a look that little bit of an edge. Je suis dans l’amour.

Side view of my Alexander McQueen tapestry slippers

Bottom of my Alexander McQueen needlepoint slippers

I got my pair from Mr Porter (sale purchase); they are now out of stock there, however you can get them from Harvey Nichols for £655 (full price).

Alexander McQueen needlepoint slippers

…and here’s to hopefully many more new shoes in 2013!

8 thoughts on “Shopping: Alexander McQueen needlepoint slippers”

  1. OMG
    They are absolutely seriously devine

    OK, I may have had kittens for a second, but that was just the mum in me coming out – which was, what the hell happens if somebody was to spill a drink on them

    but then I relaxed, breathed and thought – what am I worrying about – its L we are talking about – it is only EVER going to be Champagne – and that doesnt stain ………. ;)

    Seriously, I adore them :) they are beautiful x

  2. New Year New Shoes! I did exactly the same thing, bought a pair of bright red KGs with a killer heel to wear for NYE and I felt wonderful. These are rather dapper and I can’t wait to hear more about how you style them.

    Thank you very much for continuing to comment on my blog whilst I had to take a break from reading and commenting myself as my move back to the UK took over… I appreciated reading each one, L.

    1. I have a feeling 2013 is all about the killer heel. Excited to see! Glad you appreciated my comments, I always appreciate yours and I enjoy reading your blog. I hope the transatlantic move is going well!

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