Shopping: It’s a bug’s life

When I saw Markus Lupfer’s Spring Summer 2013 collection it was one of those love at first sight moments and so I had to get my mitts on a piece. I opted for a striking white cotton sweatshirt with nuts, bolts and bugs on it (I realised after in the second picture I still had the tag on because I am an idiot). Coincidentally the bug matches my Smythson note cards. I really love images of bugs but I am not a fan of bugs at all in real life if I am honest (go figure). I love the contrast of the man made nuts and bolts with the natural bug specimen and I find the layout arrangement on this sweatshirt quite prepossessing.

Me wearing my Markus Lupfer bug jumper

Markus Lupfer bug sweatshirt close up

I got my sweatshirt from the Harvey Nichols Birmingham store just before Christmas – they still had it in stock when I went in store on the weekend. There are a lot more pieces of Markus Lupfer’s SS13 collection available on the Harvey Nichols website. So here are some of my favourite Markus Lupfer SS13 pieces from Harvey Nichols (including my own):

Markus Lupfer SS13 available from Harvey Nichols

I am finding it *very* hard to resist the navy jumper with the sequin bug; I have seen it in person and it is nothing short of beautiful. Markus Lupfer excels at sequins – which is no surprise as it is a bit of a brand signature.

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  1. oh I missed this last night. LOVE this top. I am the same – happy to have all sorts of ladybugs and bird prints on my clothes – yet keep me well away from them in real life!!!!! Butterflies are the exception :) Looking fab honey

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