Shopping: Love Hate with Markus Lupfer

Love Hate fist sequin Markus Lupfer jumper

Every January I always have a little spree in the sales; as lets face it who doesn’t love a bargain? One of my favourite sale buys was this merino wool jumper from Browns (still available online I believe – it is AW12). It is instantly recognisable as Markus Lupfer. Appliquéd sequins are a signature of Markus Lupfer and this navy jumper is a tongue in chic take on tattooed knuckles.

Love Hate fist sequin Markus Lupfer jumper

One particular thing I am taken with about this jumper is how the sequins catch the light and as a result sparkle. I wore it on a night out over the weekend and I (juvenilely admittedly) found the phrase ‘glitter tits’ cross my mind haha.

Love Hate fist sequin Markus Lupfer jumper close up

I am rather loving statement jumpers and Markus Lupfer – I have my eye on a few things in his latest collection still…

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