Shopping: Mulberry Brynmore Messenger Bag

Recently my Mulberry family gained a new member in the form of the Mulberry Brynmore messenger bag. Words really cannot begin to describe how happy my first Mulberry bag made me and this happiness has not dissipated as I am now on my fourth. Emma Hill and her design team can do no wrong as far as I am concerned.

Mulberry Brynmore (photo from the Mulberry website)

The Brynmore is a classic bag which embodies all the best bits of quintessential Mulberry DNA. I find the trio of postman locks particularly eye catching. The bag contains two inside compartments (brushed leather inside); a main compartment and a slip pocket which has a small pocket and pen holders. It is the perfect size for a standard laptop and is quite a spacious bag (approximately 12.5 litres). You can wear the bag across your chest with the attached canvas strap, or just hang it on your shoulder (which is what I do). The bag also has a metal Mulberry fob on the side with the serial number on the underneath.

Mulberry Brynmore messenger bag in natural oak

Front flap on Mulberry Brynmore bag

Trio of Postman locks on Mulberry Brynmore

There is something effortlessly stylish about a classic Mulberry bag, the slouchy soft natural leather, and the traditional brass hardware. I tend to always go for oak when it comes to Mulberry as I love the way it ages gaining a natural patina that only gives items more character. I first fell in love with this particular bag in 2008, 5 years later I am still very much in love and so happy that I finally have a Brynmore to call my own.

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    1. Haha I am a bit of a Mulberry boy I suppose. The collection is coming along nicely but I would still love a Piccadilly and another scotchgrain holdall (in a smaller size to mine). Oh and thank you for the comment and saying a Mulberry bag is very me – that is quite the compliment ;)

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