Shopping: The Dog Days Aren’t Over

…well not yet anyway! In November I received this Givenchy tshirt with appliqué detailing before it sold out, luckily for you the same tshirt is now back in stock over on the Harvey Nichols website (they also have it in white; but I much prefer black). Givenchy is one of my favourite brands, one I find myself going to for those fashion choices where you want something that marries style, nonchalant coolness and just the right amount of attitude.

Me wearing my Givenchy tshirt

Admittedly I probably should have ironed the tshirt before taking photos however sometimes in life there are more important ways to spend time than ironing, you know like scoffing my face with macaroons from Ladurée and re watching episodes of Gossip Girl.

Close up of the appliqué detailing

The appliquéd HDG references both Hubert de Givenchy who founded the great fashion house in 1952 and the house itself; House de Givenchy. I love how the rottweiler has moved on from print to appliqué, I am very fond of my rottweiler tshirt and it is great to see the legacy lives on.

Givenchy tshirt in white and black

£225 at Harvey Nichols

Are you a fan of the Givenchy rottweiler?

4 thoughts on “Shopping: The Dog Days Aren’t Over”

    1. I saw a shirt I rather liked from SS13 but you are right the prices do seem to be getting more expensive. However seems the same with most brands right now. Good old fashion inflation eh? …and thank you!

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