DSQUARED2 Sisters From Hell

I picked up this DSQUARED2 top in the Selfridges sale. Dean and Dan Caten (the twins behind DSQUARED2) were inspired by the classic rock tshirts of the 1980s and this top is the result. It is distressed, cracked and has small holes to suggest years of wear.

DSQUARED2 Sisters From Hell tshirt

Holes in the DSQUARED2 top

Michael Kors ceramic white watch

Balenciaga classic double tour bracelet

Yves Saint Laurent/Saint Laurent python and suede high tops

Jeans – Nudie (bought last week in the Matches sale)
Belt – Mulberry
Shoes – Yves Saint Laurent/Saint Laurent
Watch – Michael Kors
Bracelet – Balenciaga

Have you picked anything up in the sales yet?

Shopping: Moncler Cheval Gilet

Established in 1952 Moncler takes its name from Monastier de Clermont; a mountainous village in France which is near Grenoble. Moncler started off doing sleeping bags but developed from this and quickly became noted for it’s quilted jackets and in turn ended up as a bit of a staple skiwear brand and go to choice of the contemporary jetset. In more recent years following the heritage brand trend Moncler has become a hit among European fashion conscious circles and is no longer confined to the slopes and more often seen out about town and country.

Moncler Cheval Gilet
Gilet: Moncler, Jumper: Paul Smith, Hoodie: Polo Ralph Lauren, Belt: Mulberry, Jeans: Nudie, Watch: Michael Kors

I have toyed with the idea of buying a Moncler jacket or gilet for quite some time now and when I saw Ellie Goulding in Harvey Nichols Birmingham the other month wearing a Moncler jacket my interest was rekindled so to speak. The Cheval is a padded down gilet with a classic silhouette. The felt appliqué logo, interior ‘cartoon’ on pocket, two way zip with Moncler logo on the zipper, glossy shoulders and stand collar are all little touches which attribute to the high quality finish of Moncler items – it is all about attention to detail after all.

Moncler 'cartoon'

Moncler is the perfect union of practicality and casual style and with the British weather lately I can see myself getting a lot of use out of my Moncler. I purchased mine on the weekend when I was in Birmingham shopping, I got it from Harvey Nichols (where it is literally flying off the racks).

Snow days

My village in the snow

My garden gate in the snow

My garden in the snow

When the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful. Let it snow, let it snow… I have been finding myself feeling rather festive (again) with the current bout of snow. My garden is a Winter Wonderland scene and I have been working from home (countryside lanes in the snow and ice are not fun – not a fan of sliding side to side and nearly into the hedge).

What I am wearing today

I have been wrapping up warm and making use of my Hunter wellingtons. Today I wore my wool Valentino jumper (which was a bargain from Bicester Village) and my cashmere hoodie from The White Company with my Citizens of Humanity jeans (bought from Harvey Nichols).

My cashmere hoodie from The White Company has become one of my favourite items of clothing. There is no greater self indulgence than cashmere and it just so happens cashmere provides excellent insulation; making it great for cold weather. My only criticism is that mine is a ‘small’, the smallest size, and it is gigantic – but I do like the oversized ness of it. On the weekends and when I am at home I live in this hoodie as it is so soft and comforting. First time I wore it out (to Waitrose) I felt a bit naughty, but I suppose underwear is the new outerwear so wearing loungewear shopping is hardly a sin right? ;)

Getting casual with Sandro

I am not shy in admitting that casual dressing is not a forte of mine. It does not come naturally, and is something I have to work at. I am much more formal in my dress, however lately I have made quite the effort, and my casual wardrobe is coming on leaps, and bounds. When I do casual I tend to go more for casual luxe as opposed to a more “urban” style.

Today I went shopping on the King’s Road so I decided to try, and dress a little more casual than usual. I am quite pleased with the result! My friend actually said to me, “You look so West London”, regarding what I was wearing today – I have yet to decide if that is a good, or bad thing…

I wore my new Sandro top with Nudie jeans, my Car Shoe tasselled driving shoes, and accessorised with my Tom Ford sunglasses as we actually had a dry sunny day for a change (England I’ve not forgiven you for the lack of a summer just because today was nice by the way).

Tom Ford sunglasses, Sandro top, Nudie jeans and Car Shoe driving shoes

Excuse the photographs I am tired from the weekend, and trying to pose so that you can see the elbow patch detailing of the Sandro top was not quite as easy as I anticipated (oh, and the fact I cannot take a decent photograph of myself period).

Getting casual with Sandro

Getting casual with Sandro

At first I did not know entirely how I felt about this Sandro top. When I tried it on in Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge although liking it I was not completely sold (it did not help the fitting room lighting was horrendous!) however on it’s first outing a love affair began. It is a perfect slouchy casual top for down days, and times when you just want a spot of casual luxury. This soft cotton top is slightly sheer but not in a way that is indecent. I actually rather like that it is so light as I get hot ever so easily, and it gives you that comfortable feeling that you are not wearing anything at all whilst preserving your modesty (would be great for layering!). The contrast stitching on the top instantly adds to it, and gives it an expensive casual look. The top also has elbow pads which are brushed goatskin. Sandro is a Parisian brand that is great for chic basics, and understated staples. I can see this top becoming one of my favourite casual go to pieces, I will definitely be paying more attention to Sandro in future.

What I wore today, and what’s in my bag

I decided to show you what I wore to work today seeing as I have not done an outfit post in quite a while:

Me, Lorien Adey

My faithful Gucci brown suede moccasins

Mulberry Elkington brief case

Shirt – Reiss
Knitwear – Topman
Belt – Mulberry
Jeans – Nudie (from Matches)
Watch – D&G
Bag – Mulberry
Shoes – Gucci

…and because I always find it interesting when others do the same I thought I would show you what I had in my Mulberry Elkington bag today:

Mulberry leather accessories

What Mulberry bag isn’t complete without a few Mulberry items inside? I have my Mulberry wallet, Mulberry locked cosmetics pouch, Mulberry horseshoe coin pouch, Mulberry Dan pouch, and Mulberry iPad case (with my iPad inside naturally). I love how due to use, and age each piece is a slight different hue due to the natural patina, and wear.

Smythson pocket diary,notebook, and Cross pen

I always like to have my Smythson pocket diary on me so that I can scribble down important occasions, and pencil in lunches, dinner dates, and the like. I opted for orange as it stands out, and is always easy to find at the bottom of a bag. I also have my Smythson ‘Style Icon’ notebook in case I have to write anything down. Of course I also have my Cross pen because what’s the good in having a notebook, and a diary without a pen.

Jo Malone 154 cologne, Elemis hand cream, M&S gum, and breathspray, L'Occitane shea butter.

A few loose things which should probably be in my Mulberry locked cosmetics pouch… I love Jo Malone’s 154 cologne, and as this bottle is only 30ml it is great for just throwing in my bag. The miniature of Elemis Spa@Home Pro-Radiance hand and nail cream is because I have found my hands quite dry with the current schizophrenic weather here in England! I always throw L’Occitane’s miniature shea butter into my bag as it has so many uses from lip balm to an actual moisturiser. The M&S gum, and breath refresher spray ensure I always have fresh breath on the go.

Harrods umbrella, Amazon Kindel, Apple iPod Nano, Smythson iPhone case

With the current weather you would be mad not to have an umbrella, and I just use this simple black Harrods one. I love music, and I would be a little lost without my Apple iPod Nano – the size makes it ever so convenient. I also love reading, and my Kindle makes it easy to have a quick read when I get chance. Last but not least is my Smythson iPhone case which I actually adore – when it started raining earlier I just threw it in my bag (my BlackBerry, and iPhone tend to live in my pockets).

what’s in your bag?

A Spring Day

What I love most about this time of year is coming home, and it still being light out. It makes all the difference to my mood, and gives me an extra spring in my step (and it makes blog photography easier!). I thought I would show you what I wore today (not too exciting!); just a casual relaxed look for a mild Spring day.

What I wore today

Full length shot of what I wore today

My Gucci moccasins

My Links of London bracelet

My Balenciaga Day bag (mens)

Me in my Oscar Magnuson glasses

Shirt – Burberry London
Jeans – Nudie
Shoes – Gucci
Belt – Mulberry
Bag – Balenciaga
Glasses – Oscar Magnuson
Bracelet – Links of London
Watch – D&G

Jo Malone 154 Cologne

To match my mood today I was wearing Jo Malone’s 154 Cologne, however I think Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell would been more apt – I must get some! 154 Cologne, named 154 after the street number of the first Jo Malone boutique in London is a classic with notes of mandarin, grapefruit, lavender, basil, nutmeg, and vetiver. It is a sophisticated warm masculine scent; the perfect mix of woody, and citrus notes.

Apple tree blossom

Christian Louboutin Mens Harvanana Velvet Spike Loafer

Most love affairs begin with champagne, this love affair began with a box. Well actually it did not quite begin with a box, it began with me running around London (in Gucci loafers may I add – I do not recommend it), phoning stores (do any actually answer their phones?), and finding it a complete ballache to source the shoes I wanted. Christian Louboutins due to their exclusive nature are notoriously hard to get, well the men’s Christian Louboutins even more so – particularly the hot styles. Sold out everywhere online pretty much save in silly sizes (and most of the time you cannot just order online, you have to place a request, and phone up), sold out at the Christian Louboutin store, and thanks to me sold out at Browns except in silly sizes also. I am fairly certain I have one of the last few pairs available in London, if not the world… I was determined to get these shoes; what Lorien wants Lorien will do anything to get (Lorien is now typing in third person eek).

Christian Louboutin shoe box

Now onto the contents of the box! So let me introduce you to the newest member of my shoe collection; my Christian Louboutin Harvanana velvet spiked loafers. I have lost my Louboutin virginity finally, this is my first pair (hopefully not my last); I have finally joined the great ranks of the red soled people (red lacquered soles make me want to squeal in excitement). Is there some kind of initiation ceremony, or is it like my Jimmy Choos in that I sold my soul to the devil as soon as I put them on? Man Louboutins tend to be quite an acquired taste as they are a little fashion forward, and take a certain aplomb to pull off (unless you’re Kanye West).

My Christian Louboutin velvet spiked loafers

Christian Louboutin Mens Harvanana velvet spike slippers

As I said they are quite an acquired taste but I think they are incredible. I seem to have quite a penchant for ridiculous footwear anyway. The juxtaposition of the velvet slipper, and the patent stud tip is great, and the detailing on the insignia/crest (CL for Christian Louboutin) is beautiful. The detailing is very ornate, and I love the grosgrain piping bordering which brings the gold metal studs into the shoe perfectly. It is a regal velvet slipper with a big twist of attitude. The spikes add a complete new dimension to an other wise classic shoe, and are reminiscent of Christian Louboutin’s iconic Rollerboy.

The spiked stud detailing on my Christian Louboutins

Christian Louboutin red soles

Bottom of my Christian Louboutin loafers

Inside of the Christian Louboutin slipper

They may cost a small fortune but as far as I am concerned they are worth it. The quality, and craftsmanship is high – but more importantly they bring a smile to my face. Christian Louboutins are hand made in Italy. The inside of the loafer is velvet, and they are extremely comfortable to wear. Not that such an insignificant factor as comfort would stop me wearing such beautiful shoes haha. I love how they look with my Nudie black raw denim jeans. I am definitely looking forward to wearing these shoes out somewhere.

Christian Louboutin Harvanana spike velvet loafers on

Wearing my Christian Louboutins

So what do you think? Are you a fan of Christian Louboutin? Do you own a pair, or want a pair? Tell me about it!

Blue Velvet

So I came across a not so bad photograph of me at London Fashion Week Menswear Day finally. A lot of the photographs I have seen were horrendous, why street style bloggers decide to take a photograph of me mid sentence on the phone, or in the midsts of sipping a latte is beyond me! I am not very photogenic at the best of times – one day I vow to learn how to pose until then I just become rigid whenever a camera is present, or be caught in some natural odd unattractive pose.

I also really need to learn not to stay up late, and drink the night before Menswear Day – I keep thinking I will have an early alcohol free night, but each time I fall helpless to resist the allure of the bright lights, and sparkling bubbles. So pardon the bags below my eyes!

Me, Lorien Adey, at London Fashion Week

Me Kurt Geiger Velvet loafers

Photo credit: http://shapebox.blogspot.co.uk/

Blazer: Paul Smith London
Shirt: Ted Baker
Bow tie: Alexander McQueen
Jeans: Nudie Slim Jim
Shoes: Kurt Geiger London
Pins: Mulberry
Bag: Mulberry Elkington
Watch: D&G Medicine Man

Let’s get casual

I have not done an outfit post in a while, and I thought I would do a more casual one for a change. I have found myself dressing a little more casual lately, as sadly velvet blazers, and jumpers worth more than I would like to think do not always make great every day attire (not that it often stops me). It is great sometimes to wear something that it does not matter too much if you ruin it – you can actually breathe, and relax!

The Kooples top, Uniqlo cardigan

The Kooples top, Uniqlo cardigan, Nudie jeans, Mulberry belt

The Kooples top, Uniqlo cardigan, Nudie jeans, Mulberry belt, D&G watch

ASOS silver shiny plimsolls

Jeans – Nudie

I practically live in Nudie jeans (and Citizens of Humanity jeans I guess). I have a few pairs exactly the same of the Slim Jim. I love the fit, and the way they practically look like leather. Nudie jeans are raw denim, and almost become a second skin. I intend to continue ‘living’ in Nudie jeans until I find something better. To me Nudie jeans are the core of my wardrobe; the base of most of my looks, and I could not live without them. They perfectly dress up with an edge, or easily dress down for more casual looks.

Top – The Kooples

Around Christmas I went through a little bit of a The Kooples phase – a lot of their basic tops are great. I liked this henley style top so much I also bought it in green. It is a great garment on it’s own, but I also find it useful for layering as it is not too heavy. One thing I really like about the brand is the fits – unlike a lot of brands The Kooples actually properly cater for slim fit. In the latest season The Kooples have quite a lot of tops I rather like, and last season they had one with leather trims that I should have bought!

Cardigan – Uniqlo

Lately I seem drawn to a lot of cream – how impractical right? Ha, well luckily I never seem to have too much hassle with it. The cardigan is from Uniqlo; my one stop for luxury basics. It is made of excellent quality lambswool, and did not break the bank – in fact I would go as far too say it was a bargain. I love throwing it on over tops it just gives me that little extra layer of warmth without being too much. The pockets on the front give it an almost preppy edge which I rather like also.

Watch – D&G

I have had my watch over five years. How it is still in one piece is beyond me – that watch, and I have been through a hell of a lot. The reason I opted for this watch was I liked how it was smart but had a fun side with the TV testcard inspired face. A lot of people stop, and compliment me on my watch. I usually forget I am wearing it as I have worn it nearly every day for the five years I have had it.

Bracelet – Mulberry

Not sure if you can really see it in these photographs but I am wearing my Mulberry clover friendship bracelet I blogged about before. I find it goes really well against a cardigan, and the odd flash of the charm in the light is interesting. I have got to the point where I feel naked without something on my wrist so I always tend to have a bracelet, or two – which is quite funny as I used to hate things on my wrist (go figure). The belt is Mulberry too!

Shoes – ASOS

It seems even when it comes to casual shoes I have a penchant for ridiculous shoes (it’s all about the shiny shoes). These shoes I bought years ago for bugger all on ASOS, and I cannot say I have actually worn them that often since I bought them – but they are über comfortable when I do wear them. I really like how they are all scratched up, and they look really worn – I think that is more from being thrown around my room than actual wear ha.

Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket

The Bedale is one of Barbour’s most popular wax jackets. It was introduced in 1980, and has become a popular choice for city dwellers, and country folk alike. It is essentially a shorter modern version of Barbour’s Beaufort wax jacket whilst retaining all Barbour’s signature attributes – it has barely changed since it’s launch over thirty years ago.

I have always wanted a Barbour wax jacket – I really do not know why I took so long to get one. I already have two Barbour quilted jackets (the Liddesdale, and the Chelsea sportsquilt), and a fleece gilet, but I have always held back on the wax jacket until now.

Barbour classic Bedale waxed jacket in olive

I finally caved in when I decided to try the Barbour Bedale wax jacket on in Selfridges on Saturday. I had to have it once I had tried it on, and I was surprised at how inexpensive it was considering it is a wax jacket, and because it is Barbour after all.

I love how this jacket works in both the city, and country – it’s warm, and inadvertently stylish (even Olivia Palmero has this jacket!). My only fear is I do not want to look too Sloane Ranger esque (as much as I love Sloane Square…). I opted for the olive colour, as it’s such a classic colour, and I rather like the classic Barbour tartan check you get with the olive.

Barbour classic Bedale jacket

Worn here with a Reiss jumper, Nudie jeans, Mulberry belt, and Hunter wellingtons (quelle horror have I become a proper country boy?!).

The Barbour Bedale wax jacket is waterproof, has useful large front bellow pocket, a large two way ring pull zip, hand warmer pockets, an internal breast pocket, and knitted wind cuffs at the wrist. It is in every respect a very practical robust outdoor jacket.

If looked after properly, and reproofed sporadically as required Barbour wax jackets have been known to last decades, and become sort of family heirlooms almost. They are designed to be able to withstand the severest of weather conditions (not that you would catch me in such conditions!); consequently Barbour wax jackets hard wearing, and long lasting. The collar is studded for an optional hood which you can buy, and there is also an optional zip lining you can buy for extra added warmth.

The Bedale also comes with a Barbour enamel pin/badge that you can put on the corduroy collar; however personally I will not bother as it already says Barbour on one of the front pockets – I think having that, and the pin would be a bit too much. From what I gather most Barbour wax jackets come with such a pin; I think however they look better sans pin.

What do you think, are you a fan of Barbour’s wax jackets – or do you think they are best left in the country?